ITALY – Fiona May to donate daughter’s umbilical cord stem cells

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Fiona May
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Fiona May is going to preserve her second daughter’s umbilical cord stem cells. “When Larissa was born (her first daughter, editor’s note), in the hospital they asked me if I wanted to do this and I very happily accepted.
Now I want to do it again, and I will do it in a public hospital,” she said to, Gruner+Jahr/Mondadori’s website for parents, managed by Sarah Pozzoli. “In my opinion, donating is an important act,” said the ex-athlete turned actress who will give birth to her second child in June, “because I believe that it is fair and it is a duty to contribute to scientific research, for my children and for all children”.

She also spoke about racism in Italy in the interview: “Often this term is used to describe attitudes that are born out of fear, prejudice, and ignorance. We all have preconceived notions,” she underlined, “but we have to try to understand where they come from.”
“Fear about what is different from us often makes us defensive, but you can’t make indiscriminate generalizations.”
Finally, Fiona May commented on the recent reports of violence against women: “Unfortunately, women have always been victims of violence in and outside of the home. Today, perhaps women’s attitudes are changing, because now we have less tolerance for violence and are gaining the courage necessary to report these episodes.”

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