ITALY – Autologous Stem Cell Transplants in Seriate (Bergamo)

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The first operations have been successfully performed at Seriate Hospital (Bergamo) using autologous stem cell transplants to rebuild a part of the breast after removing a tumor. The technique used in the operation is known as ‘lipofilling’, which calls for some of the patient’s abdominal fat to be removed in a procedure similar to liposuction. The fat is then purified and manipulated in the laboratory to concentrate stem cells as much as possible, then they are transplanted into the portion of the breast that has been removed to eliminate the cancer.

The procedure, which takes about an hour, is performed under local anesthesia as an outpatient treatment, and can be repeated until the desired result is obtained. “Lipofilling,” commented Domenico Gerbasi, the head of breast surgery at Seriate Hospital, “is an innovative, safe technique, that is spreading throughout the world, so we are particularly proud to be among the first to perform the procedure. The results obtained on our first patients are absolutely satisfactory and have encouraged us to continue in this direction.

This treatment in particular, is performed in addition to other radical, remote-control, and reconstructive oncological breast treatments for neoplasia at Seriate Hospital, and represents a victory of the patient’s body and femmininity after being successfully treated with quadrantectomies, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, and is a sort of revenge on the tumor for patients.”

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