ITALY – AISM Invests in Stem Cells to Treat Muscular Sclerosis

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Adult stem cells are the future of the battle against multiple sclerosis, according to the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association (AISM) in the latest edition of ‘Una mela per la vita’ (‘An Apple for Life’) over the past two days, aiming to collect funds for scientific research.   The AISM has invested a part of the proceeds from the past years into the possible use of undifferentiated cells, today as a legitimate part of future therapies.

Experimenting on the use of mesechymal stem cells on animal tissue is a research group of the Neurological Clinic of the University of Genoa, led by Antonio Uccelli.  According to Uccelli, this therapy can “immunomodulate and provide neuroprotection against autoimmune attacks and favor cell trophism during sickness.”  The neurologist warned:  “Despite expectations from the sick and the secular community for both regenerative medicine and adult stem cells, they have not shown to be effective against nerve damage.” Professor Uccelli spoke about the future regarding experimentation of cellular therapy on humans:  “Perhaps within a year,” he responded.

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