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March 7th--Plastic surgery?
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Stem cells are no longer only the future of aesthetic surgery, they are the present,” said Alessandro Gennai, an associate plastic surgeon at the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS). For the past year, Gennai has been using a modified technique used to preserve stem cells in lipofilling procedures. “I have already performed numerous operations, with excellent results and without side-effects,” said the surgeon from Bologna, “therefore I can say that lipofilling is the best solution for someone who wants to eliminate wrinkles before the summer. The procedure lasts 30 minutes, it is done under local anesthesia, recovery occurs in two to three days time, and the procedure does not have contraindications.”

Lipofilling, which can be performed alone of together with an endoscopic lifting, consists of removing adipose tissue from one part of the body with a very thin cannula to prepare it in order to avoid breaking the adipocytes, and to guarantee the preservation of the stem cells. Then, with another cannula the cells are injected into the face to restore volume and tone.
“The addition of stem cells regenerates the skin, making it more beautiful and vital, especially before the summer, the time of year when the epidermis is more stressed due to prolonged exposure to the sun,” explained Doctor Gennai. There are numerous stem cells present in adipose tissue, which are able to differentiate into adipocytes or other types of cells if necessary. About a year ago, we modified a facial transplant technique to preserve these extremely delicate cells. We avoid centrifuging and manipulating them to reduce trauma and to keep as many alive as possible.

Various studies demonstrate that these stem cells normally present in adipose tissue make lipofilling more efficient, improving the rooting of adipose tissue in the implant site and the quality of facial skin, which appears smoother, shinier, and younger. Recent studies have advanced the idea that stem cells the only cells responsible for the filling effects of the lipofilling process, and that adipocytes are reabsorbed completely.
As demonstrated by Coleman, the ‘father’ of lipofilling, adipose tissue implants, after a short while, are indistinguishable from tissue that is normally present at the site of the implant, guaranteeing a physiological result that is impossible to obtain with other fillers.

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