IntelliCell Filed Patent Application for its Proprietary Method of Manufacturing Stromal Vascular Fraction Cells

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IntelliCell BioSciences filed its patent application with the US Patent office that will claim priority to its provisional US patent serial #61/427, 221 that was filed on December 27, 2010. The title of the patent application is Ultrasonic Cavitation Derived Stromal or Mesenchymal Vascular Extracts and Cells Derived Therefrom Obtained from Adipose Tissue and use Thereof. It covers the methods of manufacturing using ultrasonic cavitation to dissociate the fat cells and blood vessels contained within the adipose tissue, thereby obtaining multi-potent, mesenchymal or stromal vascular fractions for use in human subjects. These methods do not include the use of any exogenous dissociating enzymes such as collagenase and result in increased number of cells which constitute the multi-potent, mesenchymal or stromal vascular fractions (about ten folds greater than methods which use collagenase to isolate these cells).

Dr. Steven Victor, the inventor, and CEO of IntelliCell BioSciences commented “we are extremely excited to have filed this patent in the US and around the world. The use of ultrasonic cavitation allows physicians to use less than 60cc’s of adipose tissue (fat) to manufacture approximately a half billion to 1.4 billion stromal vascular fraction cells (SVF cells) within five to ten minutes. The use of sound and water allows this manufacturing method to be utilized by physicians in the US underneath FDA (PHS Act Section 361 1271.10 (a)) of the health bill passed by Congress in 2009.

This manufacturing method has significant cost and time advantages over any other method of producing SVF cells. These cells have been used around the world for conditions caused by inflammation, such as lower back pain, migraines, MS, autism, fibromyalgia, tinnitus, arthritis; tissue repair, such as growing cartilage for bone on bone knee repair; bone and gingival tissue (gum disease): cosmetic indications such as fat grafting, wrinkle removal and other cosmetic procedures. The success rate for these patients has been approximately 80% plus. We believe that the use of non-enzymatic SVF cell therapy will find its first applications in treating sports related injuries. We are proud to have numerous luminaries on our advisory board who are leaders in the sports medicine world. We anticipate significant revenues from the utilization of SVF cells from the various IntelliCell BioSciences Centers of Excellence in the year 2012.


IntelliCell BioSciences of Canada investing a minimum of $500,000 to a maximum of $1.5 million into IntelliCell BioSciences and paying royalties of 30% of net revenue

IntelliCell has licensed its proprietary, patent pending technology for the manufacture of stromal vascular fraction from adipose tissue to RegenaStem Inc., a Canadian Federally Incorporated Company, with offices located at 13 King Street West Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada L8G1G9. The license calls for investing a minimum of $500,000 to a maximum of $1.5 million into IntelliCell BioSciences and paying royalties of 30% of net revenue.

IntelliCell’s process is a patent-pending non-enzymatic method for deriving stromal vascular fraction from 60cc’s of adipose tissue. This process dramatically increases the yield in manufacturing stromal vascular fraction compared to the present enzymatic methods in use today. IntelliCell’s process generates between half billion – 1.4 billion SVFC cells from 60 ccs from a patient’s own adipose tissue. This is approximately 10-20 times greater than enzyme based methods. Dr. Steven Victor, CEO, IntelliCell BioSciences said “the licensing partnership with IntelliCell BioSciences Canada will enable us to rapidly penetrate the Canadian market using the same strategies that are being implemented in the United States. We are very excited to be working with the individuals behind IntelliCell BioSciences of Canada as they have excellent experience with stromal vascular fraction.”

IntelliCell BioSciences of Canada is a Company headquartered in Ontario Canada servicing the burgeoning regenerative medicine market by providing innovative IntelliCell technology to the Canadian marketplace. “We expect a rapid acceptance of the use for non-enzymatic stromal vascular fraction in the Canadian market. We are looking forward to establishing numerous IntelliCell Centers of Excellence throughout the various Canadian providences,” said Dr. Nick Vaccaro.


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