I grew my own facelift… and it took an inch off my tummy

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(…) Three months ago the world’s first cosmetic stem-cell facelift was carried out on Pauline Wills, 55, an office manager from South London, by Dr Aamer Khan from the Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic. It cost £7,500, took nearly six hours under local anaesthetic and Pauline had the added bonus of losing an inch from her tummy.

And because the procedure uses the body’s own stem cells – which makes it a living tissue graft – you grow into your own facelift during the six months afterwards (…)

Stem cells are present throughout the body and one of their functions is to repair damaged tissue and regenerate muscles, nerves, blood vessels and skin cells. The body has a reserve of these cells in the bone marrow, although there are a thousand times more stem cells in our fat stores (…)

The stem-cell facelift is carried out under local anaesthetic and fat is harvested from the patient’s body manually using a syringe, usually from the lower abdomen where there is a plentiful supply. This fat is rich with regenerative cells which include stem cells, blood vessel-producing cells, and growth factor secreting cells.

The fat is processed through a machine which ‘cleans’ the cells which the practitioner then injects with the fat and stem cells around the muscles and into the soft skin tissues in the face.

‘This is a complete facial rejuvenation without involving surgery,’ says Dr Khan. ‘It is a safe and simple process, with none of the downtime associated with a traditional facelift.

‘We harvest the stem cells very carefully so they are not damaged, which is why we do not use any form of energy-assisted extraction such as liposuction which would damage the fat and stem cells.

‘The fat and cells are washed with an enzyme and treated in the Celution machine – which is like a mini lab – and then injected back into the face. Because the fat contains stem cells, it triggers blood vessel and tissue growth and enables the fat to stay put in its new location.

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