Great Britain – Ready to start embryonic stem cells tests to regenerate neurons

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In a couple of months, the first test to verify if embryonic stem cells directly injected inside patients’ brain plagued by stroke can regenerate damaged areas, will start in Scotland.
A team from Southern General Hospital of Glasgow selected 4 groups of 3 patients that will be treated during the next 2 years.
Firstly patients will take a dose of 2 millions embryonic stem cells. The amount will be gradually increased to 20 millions of stem cells, which is what doctors think patients need to start the re-creating processes.

Dr Keith Muir, who will guide the research, says she’s very excited because if the test will succeed as it did on animals it could allow patients to recover those capacities lost by the ictus.
In fact while only 1/3 of survived people hitted by a cerebral stroke can recover their whole life, the others suffer from durable damages, and the only palliative treatment is fisioterapia to recover some movements.

The stem cells developer is Reneuron, a corporation which first tried to make this test 2 years ago in USA, but has been blocked by Food and Drug Administration (FDA); now they are going to try in Great Britain where laws are more allowing.

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