Great Britain – 100 pounds for women who stop smoking

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Unlit filtered cigarettes
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One hundred pounds to put out the cigarettes. And save your own health and that of your unborn children. This is the latest scheme proposed by the British Healthcare System – the NHS – to slap the faces of women who smoke whilst pregnant. Those who decide to stub their cigarettes out will recieve 20 pounds for the first week they quit, another 40 pounds after the first month, and another 40 pounds if they manage to stop for an entire year.

Payment is by a voucher scheme, with which they will be able to buy anything at all – apart from cigarettes and alcohol obviously! Obstetricians and doctors have been enlisted to promote this anti-smoking programme, and to measure the level of carbon monoxide in their blood,of these future mothers, to ensure they have succeeded in abstaining, and deserve their free gifts

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