Dental stem cells to regrow and repair teeth

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In a first, scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have used light to coax stem cells to regrow parts of teeth.

The study, led by David Mooney, a Core Faculty member at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard, is the first to demonstrate the ability to use low-power light to trigger stem cells inside the body to regenerate tissue.

The researchers used a low-power laser to trigger human dental stem cells to form dentin, the hard tissue that is similar to bone and makes up the bulk of teeth (…)

A number of biologically active molecules, such as regulatory proteins called growth factors, can trigger stem cells to differentiate into different cell types.

Current regeneration efforts require scientists to isolate stem cells from the body, manipulate them in a laboratory, and return them to the body – efforts that face a host of regulatory and technical hurdles to their clinical translation (…)

Lead author and dentist Praveen Arany, an Assistant Clinical Investigator at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), took rodents to the laboratory version of a dentist’s office to drill holes in their molars.

He treated the tooth pulp that contains adult dental stem cells with low-dose laser treatments, applied temporary caps, and kept the animals comfortable and healthy (…)


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28 thoughts on “Dental stem cells to regrow and repair teeth”

  1. My son is 13 yr old and still has 1 milk teeth which is about to be broken any time . Plz tell me wht r the charges n how can i get the stem cells fm his milk tooth n wht r its uses

  2. I have always had ugly teeth….I have done all I can to fix, but now I have lost or broken many. I would like to be considered for tooth regrowth stem cell clinical trials….. this would be beyond wonderful

  3. I’ve developed allergies to substances in every group with systemic responses, from acrylates to metals to colour additives used in materials used for dental restoration. My dentist don’t know how to treat me since I can’t have any root canals and implants are a challenge. I am too young to be loosing my teeth and some of them are damaged from an early age, since I had some rather brutal dentists and orthodontists.
    I would be forever thankful if I could be considered for participation in the human trials.

  4. This would be aa God sent miracle for my family..we cant afford cosmedic dentistry
    this is a dream come true for .me my husband
    And my daughters ..we have 9 kids ..plzzz help

  5. I am 30 years old.i want to regrow my 4 upper teeth.i want to know that its possible to regrow.if it possible .please send me address and about regrow teeth process.

  6. I have been struggling with my teeth all my life. I have many root canal teeth, crowns, and bridges. I co true to struggle and am in a lot of pain all the time. I would love regrow my teeth. It would be a true miracle.

  7. I have been struggling with my teeth all my life. I have many root canal teeth, crowns, and bridges. I continue to struggle with my teeth and am in a lot of pain all the time. I would love to regrow my teeth. It would be a true miracle.

  8. That’s great.It would be very helpful to many of us.Please let me know where your located and charges

  9. I am tired of dentures i would love to have a whole new set of teeth. A fresh start and can be a canidate for full set stem cell replacement.. would mean the world to me. I would be able to be more social. Please consider me and send info. Thanks.

  10. I’m in my forties, and have lost several teeth. The only help the dentists around here are offering is fitting me for dentures. Please get this here in the United States. I’m willing to volunteer for the testing phase here if need be.

  11. Been looking forward to this for some time. Have lost all my teeth and dentures are not fitting well at all. Would love to be considered as a trial candidate…please and thank you.

  12. Miracle for me in been waiting for this all my life I got cheated from brutal dentists and now age thank god

  13. Please, I BEG of you, allow me to participate in any dental stem cell tooth regrowth trials. I would be a perfect subject and a diligent candidate with my notes. Please consider my for any ALL dental DNA regrowth clinical trials.

  14. Hello my name is carmia im 48 with type 2 diabetes which led to my teeth breaking one by one before i knew o had it. After i found out the news all my teeth were removed at the age of about 40. I can no longer eat healthy food cause i cant chew, i cant get denturws due to no dental insurance and a health issue with my swallowing tht would make it extremely difficult for me to wear dentures (severe gag reflex). I would benefit greatly from your research, be able to try and return to a normal life, being able to eat healthy again and keep my diabetes under control and would be a great candidate for your program. Please consider me as your next candidate and i will be forever greatful and indebted to your research and scientists.

  15. Hello i am shravya. one of the stupid dentist have grinded my upper two teeth because of gap between them. Before grinding i asked him the details. But he said that the original teeth will remain as usual even after grinding. Please let me know whether it is possible to get back my teeth with stem cell regeneration and if it is so please let me know where the treatment is going on in India.

  16. There is website named everybody please go and sign the petition to the govt to allow clinical trials of stem cell regrowth of teeth by Dr. Mao

  17. My name is Julie, I live in the U.K.
    I am in deep depression concerning my dental root canals of which I have 8 in my top jaw. I am in constant pain and I know they are affecting my health.
    Please would you consider me for dental regenerative stem cell treatment?
    I know it would give me my life back
    I am able to travel wherever I need to go to receive this treatment.
    Many thanks and Brightest BlessingsX

  18. Dear Sir
    I have lost 3 teeth .this may be more than 3 years.
    How can stem cell will regrow my teeth .My age is 39 .

  19. How do we find out about being able to be a part of this process. I have full dentures and would love to have original teeth back in my mouth. Please contact me so I can find out more information on how to get this process done.

  20. I have lost many of my teeth from decay over the years, I’m 52 now and seeing this kind of science finally happen is amazing, I would love to take part in trials if there are any openings left.

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