Another Heart Failure Patient Saved By Stem Cell Research

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Barbro Lowed, a retired air hostess from London, England says that stem cell research using Adult Stem Cells removed from her bone marrow has given her her life back.  Barbro had previously been suffering from congestive heart failure before the stem cell treatment. The heart failure was caused by a faulty valve.

This research story starts with Barbro going into congestive heart failure because of a leaky heart valve.  Then in Barbro’s own words –

Unless it was repaired, my heart would steadily worsen, until it couldn’t function any more. Even though I needed the operation straight away, the NHS waiting list was two years, which really worried me.

After six months, with no sign of an operation date, I was getting desperate. I felt dizzy and lethargic all the time and couldn’t even walk to the local shops without struggling for breath.

When Free Health Care Isn’t Free Anymore

Ok, I will give the US FDA a day off and target Socialist (Free?) Healthcare today. Can you imagine needing an operation yesterday and having to wait 2 years?  That is shameful.   And this is what Obama has in mind for us? I hope not. But no more ranting- on with the stem cell story….

Finding A Stem Cell Doctor Who Used Her Own Adult Stem Cells

Barbro found Professor Andreas Zeiher in Germany who had been performing stem cell therapy using the patient’s own Adult Stem Cells for many years. Now this is where the story gets a little confusing (at least to me):

Stem Cell Therapy for Congestive Heart Failure

According to Barbro’s account, Dr. Zeiher implanted the stem cells into her heart valve which apparently improved both her valve and her congestive heart failure. But if you look at the article, then in part 2, Dr. Zeiher describes implanting the stem cells into the arteries to cure the heart failure and in turn the heart valve?

Very confusing, but the most important part of the story is that Barbro now has her life back thanks to being implanted with her own Adult Stem Cells.

How Do the Stem Cells Do That Thing They Do?

Also from the article is this interesting tidbit from Dr. Zeiher: Stem cells have this extraordinary ability to turn into other cells. They help the heart heal by encouraging the formation of new blood vessels, which brings more oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscle.

And as far as we know, unlike drug treatments, stem cell transplants have no undesirable side-effects. The process is also less risky than conventional open-heart surgery, as it doesn’t involve a general anaesthetic, which is always a concern with a heart failure patient.

You can read the full article here as it is very fascinating-  Stem Cell Research Article

This is the 2nd day in a row with a Heart Disease story helped by Stem Cell Research using a patient’s own stem cells. Yesterday we featured a Michigan man who also suffered from congestive heart failure.

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