Alternative to Facelift and Plastic Surgery

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No longer is surgery required for anti-aging or making one look younger because Adult Stem Cells are now being used as an alternative to a facelift– no surgery required!

The stem cells being used are taken from the patient’s fat- so they are autologous adult stem cells ie. the patient’s own stem cells so there are no rejection issues.  Here is how it works:

Process of Stem Cells

  1. Patients  have fat cells removed from their stomach using a needle and local anesthetic
  2. Stem Cells are extracted from the fat cells and multiplied
  3. Two weeks later, patient returns to hospital.
  4. Doctors inject the stem cells into the face in a series of shots that plump out skin, erase wrinkles and give the patient a youthful appearance
  5. No surgery required!

Stem Cell Facelift Only Available in China

Alas,  since the United States always seems to be the last ones on the bus for these adult stem cell treatments, it is China that is taking the lead.  This process is taking place at  Beijing Tian Tan Puhua Hospital in Beijing, China.

Before you scoff at this stem cell treatment, this is the same hospital where Penny Thomas, the famous American woman who was the first to be treated with Adult Stem Cells for her Parkinson’s Disease.  Countless other Americans have followed in her footsteps as the US FDA drags its feet.

Also, this same company, RNL Bio, is the same one that has helped John Cullison with his arthritis as we saw previously on this blog in this stem cell video.

This stem cell facelift is very popular with South Koreans after they had one of their aging stars, Kyung-gyu Lee go there to give it a try. Apparently it must have been a success.

Adult Stem Cells As Alternative to Plastic Surgery– A Possible Billion Dollar Industry

With the plastic surgery industry in the United States in the billions of dollars annually, we are looking at the near future of this industry.  Right now, this face lift alternative to surgery costs about $4,000 + the cost of a trip to China.
Bruce Jenner? You want to be the US pioneer?

But seriously, at first glance, this seems to be an industry with untapped potential. Some of you entrepreneurs out there may want to check this out.

See the whole story on the stem cell facelift here

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