A miraculous Stem Cell transplant

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A breakthrough was achieved recently in the case of an 18 year old boy, a case of advanced stage of Aplastic anemia where stem cells of not one but three donors were used to treat him. This spectacular feat was achieved by the doctors at The Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Cancer Research Institute (NSCBCRI) Kolkata.

18 year old Aman, student of class 12, fainted in school. He was diagnosed for Aplastic Anemia, a disorder where the bone marrow stops producing red blood cells and platelets. He was treated in many hospitals, but no amount of blood transfusions or ‘immuno-suppressant’ medication could help.

Dejected and depressed, Aman’s parents had almost lost their son when they happened to read a news report by chance. The doctors at NSCBCRI had successfully conducted an SCT to treat Aplastic anemia. . “I wanted to live on, and my parents saw a ray of hope, ”said Aman.
With recent advances in medicine the use of stem cells have been very effective in treating Diabetes milletus, Parkinson’s diseases, cancer, leukemia and Aplastic anemia .

They have been very effective in Bone marrow transplantation
Aman was rushed to Kolkata, but by then his condition had deteriorated. The doctors realized that only a multiple- unit SCT could save him. Overruling the risks they conducted the transplant which took three days.

With 50% chances of risk involved in a single unit SCT, the doctors had a bigger risk at hand, but a similar case conducted successfully in Seattle gave them the courage.
Today Aman Khandelwal is recouping. Thanks to the courage, confidence and competence of the doctors who treated upon him.

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